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    Turning Ideas into Hardware

Marcus Smith’s Ingenious Laboratory

Offsite Research and Development Lab and onsite consulting. Designing and building test fixtures, prototypes, demonstration kits, and process/manufacturing support equipment with 40 years of broad experience in medical, RF, Energy, wafer process capitol equipment, system control, sensors, optical systems, IR, lasers, virtual reality, ozone, temperature control, high power and high voltage.  


I have designed and built hardware in just about every category, often first time creations;

Pinpoint reflective sensor, Applied Komatsu.

First 2.5 ounce VR headset in 1995, high res VR for JPL, IR based Head tracking.

High speed four axis servo controller for OnTrack, (designed/built in three days.)

System Control for Wafer Washer, Speed Fam, including fluids.

Safety systems for Super Critical Fluids Lab, life size service models, pre-software electro-mechanical mock-up, wafer insertion robot for Novelus.

Laser thermopile test racks, SDL.

Developed optical pick-up for DVD WRW, Blue Sky, IR optical bio detector for UCSF/Caltech.

Human Eye Lens Capsule mechanical stress testing and recording fixtures for Mynosys.

Medical device test stations, Medtronic, Apical and Advanced Cardiovascular and others.

Created aftermarket add-ons for scientific test/measurement equipment, Astra Scientific.  

Built gap antennas for NASA.

Built demonstration kits for Metcal, Dyesol, NanoConversion and many others. Induction heating, calorimetery, for Metcal.  

Induction furnaces for NanoConversion.

Designed and built chemical weight detection with alarms.

Designed cooling and heating systems for chemistry.

Built many manufacturing assist tools and tooling.


I have accomplished six major projects;

Patenting and producing over 100,000 products for the Home Theater market.

Created over 3000 pounds of laser and special effects equipment and performed laser shows over 20 years including televised and movie production.

Built and maintained entire Ozone research and development laboratory including safety equipment, monitoring and fluid handling over 11 years.

Rebuilt a completely destroyed-by-water house including all electrical, plumbing and structure in 16 months.

Rebuilt a 1959 Glenel Picolo Wood Speed boat, 8 months.

Frame-up restoration of a 1972 Pantera, sports car, 18 months.


The Lab is very well outfitted, with with electronic development bench, machine shop, 3D printer, small optics table, and a vast supply of electronic, mechanical and optical components and tools.


I have designed and built real working hardware for over 50 companies and can accept almost any type of engagement, contracting, by the hour at your facility or mine to help you get real functioning hardware solutions. Travel to the bay area is no problem, as I love to drive and have a few places to stay.


Contact me at 209-257-0509, Cel, 209-419-2928, Email,

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