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Magic Glide, 40 feet long.

Eye Capsule Stretcher 2 B.jpg

The First Light Bender,1979, Updated.

IR Detector Optho Scope.jpg

IR Detector for Fabry-Pérot biometric sensor measurements, Portable.

Rats In Space Gap Antennas.jpg

Eye Lens Capsule Stretcher. Records strength and tear size.

My Own Patented Product.jpg

My own Patented Product, over 100,000 sold. Best Darn IR Booster!

Rats in Space, Gap Antenna for monitoring rat bio-functions in space shuttle.

Mirror Mount 70 Pound.jpg

70 pound Remote Control XY Mirror Mount.

VR Glasses 1994.jpg

Full VR Smallest in 1994, Fully functional with adjustable Eye focus and inter-ocular distance.

Only 2.5 ounces.

Laser Guided Car "Mole"

60 Meter Multi Axis Laser Alignment Fixture

Gasket Molds.JPG

Gaskets and Molds for High Temperature Vacuum Sealing.


PCB Final Assembly Quick Tester.


RF Load, Low Inductance.

1700 C furnace Water Cooled Z Gasket Cla

1700 Degree RF Induction Furnace and water cooled heads with High Temp Gaskets.

Adjustable Optical Arc.jpg

Adjustable Radius Optical Arc


80 Meter French Curve Optical Arc

Steel Table Exotic Base.jpg

Exotic Table with 15 Degree Slant, Galvanized Steel Top.

 DUT Servo Gimbal with internal Slip Ring

 Round Bathroom

Tilt Stage

PWM Bi-Directional Motor Controller PCB with End Stops

Adjustable Tension Pulley motor

Power Distribution PCB for Burn-In Rack

Lifting 600 Pound Target

Sunlight Energy Imitation System

RC Lambertian Target

RC Girl Target

Wafer Washer System Control.jpg

System Control, Wafer Washer.

Ozone Gen and Safety Station.jpg

Ozone Control and Safety Process System.

Safety for SCF.jpg

Safety System, Super Critical Fluids.

4KW Triac Dimmer.jpg

4KW Dimmer for Furnace Element.

Quadrant Servo Controler 01.jpg

Quadrant Servo Controller, for Steel Belt at 1000 LBS and Steering, 400 LFPM

Auto Laser TC Wire Welder.jpg

Auto Tensioning and Advancing TC Welding Fixture.

Laser Show Screen Effects Head 20 servos

Laser Effects Generator with 29


Coil Wind Twist Cut Robot.jpg

Auto Twist and Cut for Coil Winder.

TEC Demo Kit B.jpg

TEC Power

Demonstration Kit

with controller.

Demo Kit Control Box.jpg
Chemical Scale with Alarms.jpg

Materials Scale with Alrarms.

RF Catheter Test Box.jpg

Medical RF Power Generator Tester.

RF Load Stepped Variable.jpg

Low Inductance RF Load, Switchable.

RF Matching Network High Power High Volt

High Voltage, Adjustable RF Matching Network.

Laser Show Ariel Effects Head.jpg

High Power Laser Light Show Ariel Projector.

Wafer Insertion Robot SCF.jpg
Light Bender.jpg

Wafer Insertion Robot, 300mm, Self Contained.

Light Bender, Artist's Rendering. Would love to make one this size!

Go Cart.jpg

Sand Hill Challenge Down Hill Race Car.

Scooter Ramp.jpg

Portable Scooter Ramp for Minivan.

Medical Device Test Stations A.jpg
Catheter Tester.JPG

Various RF Catheter Medical Test Boxes.

Medical Device Test Controler.jpg

RF Catherter Certification Tester.

Catheter Test Box.jpg
Linear Actuator Service Tooling.jpg

Linear Actuator Test and Assembly tools.

Calorimetry Micro Cell.jpg
Calorimetry Constant Speed Dual
Calorimetry Cell.jpg

Calorimetry Accessories, Heat Loss Cell, Constant Motor Drive, Special Vapor/Liquid Cell.


40 amp variable current source.

Pin Point Edge Detector.jpg

Pin Point Reflective Edge Detector, any approach to .012".

Ballast Eficiency Demo Kit.jpg

Power efficiency Demo Kit.

Solder Starp Gun.jpg

RF Constant Temperature Solder Strap Gun.

Pantera Blue Bullet at Beach.jpg

1972 Pre L Pantera, 18 Month Restoration from the ground up.

Laser Show Fire Aura.jpg

Laser Show Image, "Encompassed Fire!"

Doing Lasers Duo.jpg

In My favorite Element, Doing Big Gun Laser Productions.

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